A 2D barcode that helps predict a patient's response to medical therapy

A Medicine Safety Code captures data about a patientís 400 most important pharmacogenomic markers and allergies as a 2D barcode. It can help to predict how medications are metabolized and tolerated by the patient. Medical doctors can use this information to make the delivery of medications safer and more effective.

Medicine Safety Code printed on a card

The Medicine Safety Code can be printed on lab reports, health records or small cards that can be carried by patients in their wallets, and can be quickly used to retrieve pharmacogenomic markers of patients when needed. No central storage of data is necessary, giving patients full control over their personal health information.

Personalized warnings and recommendations on any smartphone

A patientís Medicine Safety Code can be read and interpreted by most common smart phones without requiring the installation of dedicated software.

Interpreting a Medicine Safety Code with a mobile phone.

You can test the current prototype of the web interface by visiting this example of a Medicine Safety Code interpretation, which is based on data from an artificial genetic profile. Note that in the current public prototype medical decision support is only available for the drug warfarin.

Generate your own Medicine Safety Code

You can generate a Medicine Safety Code for your own data by uploading a file in 23andMe format here.

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The Medicine Safety Code format and system are still under heavy development. Feel free to contact us for more information. The project can also be followed on Facebook.


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